Oct 17, 2020




To all..

This blog is dedicated to my lecturer, friends, family and anyone who loves to share and gain knowledge. I hope this blog will be always having something new or latest to share with.

This blog is done actually to complete my task for subject that I take for this semester (ICT in Biology).

My name is Mardhiana Mohamed. I am from Kelantan. I was born on 1st of August 1989 at Hospital Umum Kuching. I am the third out of 5 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My father as a teacher and my mother is a housewife. I love my family very much. My family will be always in my heart.

I like to eat Malay cooking but my tongue always attracted to spicy and sour foods such as Tom Yam. I like to drink just mineral water. I also love ice-cream very much. Actually, I do not sure with my interest but, I always read the books especially motivation books written by our local motivator such as Dr.HM Tuah and all. The last books that I was read is ‘Membina Hati Bahagia’. Sometimes, I think that I like to read motivation books because of my feeling, easy to touch. I confess that I am quite sensitive girl. But, I can’t easily angry people. So, by reading this type of books, I can make me strong and always think positive.

Talk about my study background, my primary school is SK Penambang at Kota Bharu. Then, I further my studies at SMK Dato’ Ahmad Maher also at Kota Bharu from form 1 until 5. Then, I continue taking biological Science courses at Kedah Matriculation College for about 1 year. And now, I am at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, the only education university in Malaysia. I take Degree in Education of Science, major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. InsyaAllah, I will be a teacher on 2012. But, by now I plan to futher taking master after this. It is just depend on situation next. Anyway, we may plan everything, but Allah's plan will be always the best to us..
Believe it..!!

Hope for success,

Here is my album (my family + friends + me!!)

Motivational Saying..
Just to share with..

Thank you for everything to all..
May Allah bless us in all time
even we have together or not..
Our close relationship is will be
always in my heart..!!
Lots of luv,
- Mardhiana

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